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Marc Gunn
American singer of Celtic songs.
Hannah Bingman
Singer of American folk songs.

Celtic instrumentals.
Griffin House
Singer/songwriter with acoustic guitar.
Kellys Lot Acoustic
Modern folk rock.
Gaelic Storm
Folk with a Celtic twist.
Michaela Ubaldini
Modern folk rock
Mary Gauthier
Well known American folk singer.
John Prine
Folk singer/songwriter.
The Dixie Bee-Liners
Bluegrass / Americana / Roots Music
Richard Burr
Folk and Country singer/songwriter.
Brandi Carlile
Modern folk rock.
Neal Fox
Excellent singer/songwriter.
Mike Mangione and The Band
Acoustic / Soul / Folk Rock
Deanna Pino
Americana / Folk / Country
An Dochas
Celtic / Folk Rock / Roots Music
Shauna Burns
Atmospheric singer/songwriter.
Andrew Bayuk
Folk Rock / Acoustic / Rock
Blackmore's Night
Medieval instruments, modern style.
The Killdares
Celtic folk rock.
Gandalf Murphy and The Slambovian Circus of Dreams
Folk Rock / Classic Rock / Alternative
Chuck Williams
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Nick Martin
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
The Elders
Celtic / Americana / Rock
The Makem and Spain Brothers
Traditional and contemporary folk band.
Traditional and contemporary folk band.
Ron Ely
Americana / Folk / Country
Richie Havens
A unique bluesy folk style.
the Barn Rats
Bluegrass / Acoustic
James Lee Stanley
Contemporary folk rock.
Gurf Morlix
Folk Rock / Country / Blues
Emerald Rose
Celtic folk-rock band.
Lucy Kaplansky
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Janis Ian
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Tom Paxton
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Thadeus Project
Contemporary folk rock.
The SteelDrivers
Nashville, Tennessee, the great melting pot of musical tradition, gives birth to a band both original, yet rooted in the best of everything that came before.
Marie Moreshead
Young Folk / Pop talent
Andrew McKnight
Award-winning folk and Americana singer/songwriter.
James McMurtry
Good music you can count on when you thought maybe you just couldn't count on music anymore!
James Taylor
World famous singer/songwriter.
Rachael Davis
Contemporary songwriter but is equally at home singing anything from traditional ballads to Cole Porter to Joe Henry.
Rachel Garlin
Distinctive character portraits” with lyrics that are “fresh and often unexpectedly moving.
Hugh Morrison
Traditional Scottish melodeon playing transposed across the pond.
The Shakers
Folk music with a modern twist.
Kathy Mattea
Her delivery of the songs approaches the sacred.
Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman
Morello songs are like the murals from Diego Riviera, images of working class heroes and victims of capitalism's shadow populate his songs. And like Woody Guthrie, Morello is a songwriter with a mission.
Mary Youngblood
One of the premiere Native American flute players/musicians
The Floorbirds
The Floorbirds are an acoustic duo from Minnesota who perform haunting yet beautiful arrangements of traditional American folk songs.
The Roe Family Singers
The Roe Family Singers are a good time old-time hillbilly band.
Rebecca Katz
A true American classic singer-songwriter.
Furnace Mountain
The Furnace Mountain Band is pure Virginia Appalachian goodness.
Allison Barber
Where traditional Irish music meets American folk.
Marc Carroll
There are strokes of Folk-Blues Dylan amid the subtler pastels, but it's the more layered arrangements that set these wonderful songs of personal faith aglow.
Arlo Guthrie
Leading light in American folk.
Erin Bennett
Acoustic / Alternative / Folk Rock
Debra Cowan
She is blessed with a beautiful voice and a deep appreciation for the tradition....each song is a new story to be shared and experienced.
Peter Phippen
The voice of the flute is the voice of the human heart.
Melanie Safka
Melanie's cult has long been famous, but it's a cult that's responding to something genuine and powerful.
John Brannen
Folk rock southern style.
John Ford Coley
Acoustic rock music.
There Be Pirates!
These lads and lasses are well steeped in the traditional shanties, Celtic music, and tavern songs.
Potato Moon
Potato Moon started as a bluegrass/folk group, but has made a name for uniquely blending rock n' roll, country, blues, folk, and swing music.
Bruce Molsky
Guitar, fiddle, or banjo in hand, Bruce Molsky has been exploring traditional music from an astonishingly broad range of cultures
Phil Minissale
Phil has an old poet’s soul that expresses itself in the form of Delta blues.
Eliza Gilkyson
Stylistically adventurous...political in all the right ways
Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer
They are spellbinding acoustic musicians, with a rare mastery of American roots styles.
The Marcus Guy Band
Marcus has been a blue collar worker his entire life and knows first hand the struggles that working men and women live with every day and those men and women often show up in his songs.
Jenne Lennon
"The Janis Joplin of Celtic Music" for her passionate live performances and the unusual strength and depth of her voice.
Henris Notions
From soft fingerpicked ballads to hard-driving jigs and reels, Henri's Notions creates a musical mix of traditional Celtic and American music.
Acoustic / Alternative / Folk
Randy Thompson
Thompson's rootsy vocals provide a solid anchor, and the material is first-rate.
Rowan Tree
Celtic Traditional group.
Wil Maring
Wil’s beautiful airy vocal style and heartfelt lyrics have raised the eyebrows of the acoustic music world.
William Pint & Felicia Dale
Sea shanties and other songs of a nautical nature both traditional and contemporary.
La Famille Leger
The traditional music of Quebec and New Brunswick.
Jim Colbert
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Tomawk & Friends
Country / Blues / Southern Rock
RJ Chesney
Brilliant singer/songwriter.
The Kahuna Cowboys Jug Band
Old style American folk.
Jordana El
Acoustic / Folk / Folk Rock
Uncle Barto
Songwriting, singing & making music.
McCawley Burke
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Mike Fred
Acoustic guitarist.
Walter Strauss
Walter Strauss digs deep grooves for his audiences.
Colter Wilson
I hope that through the traditional grassroots approach both my fans and I will delight in the tuneful years ahead.
His songs and voice go straight to the heart, because that’s where they come from.
Steve Minotti
South Florida singer/songwriter/musician for 30+ years livin' and lovin' every minute of it.
The Irish Experience
The Irish Experience play Celtic and Appalachian music on traditional electric instruments.
Allison Williams
Singer/songwriter and traditional musician Allison Williams plays old-time clawhammer banjo in a modern context.
Lori Hartbarger
Traditional Scottish folk music is where my heart is at, what I connect with most.
Evening Rose
Evening Rose is a unique trio from Central Ohio whose music genre ranges from Traditional, Appalachian, Folk, Irish/Celtic, to Classical and Traditional Hymns.
Tania Opland
An American musician with a feel for traditional music from a wide variety of European sources.
Bill Danoff
Bill's song writing and performing talents are now being showcased in a new format as a solo act and, like everything Bill does, it's top-notch.
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Donna Ulisse
Country / Bluegrass / Americana
Patti Hall
Patti Hall masterfully blends passionate vocals, intelligent lyrics and irresistible melodies.
Joan Baez
Joan Baez is so ingrained in the collective consciousness as the archetypal coffeehouse folksinger.
Celtic Crossroad
Traditional Music of Ireland, Scotland, England
Jay McMullan
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter with something to say.
Seven Nations
Seven Nations, which melds bagpipes and fiddles with blazing electric guitars and drums.
The Redheads Britta-N-Brooke
Country / Acoustic / Blues
Fire in the Kitchen
Fire In The Kitchen specializes in presenting lively Appalachian and Celtic music to its audiences.
Yehuda Kaplan / Ohr
Alternative / Folk Rock / Indie
Harmonia presents the traditional folk music of eastern Europe, ranging from the Danube to the Carpathians, and their repertoire reflects the cultures of this region.
Dan Chavers
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Peggy Seeger
For decades, Seeger has been one of the most authoritative voices in American and English folk.
Naser Musa
Naser Musa is recognized by critics of middle eastern music as a talented singer, a gifted songwriter, an Oud virtuoso, a valued composer, and a versatile studio musician.
Steve Kaplan
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Aisling is a Traditional Irish Music band. Our music features arrangements with hammer dulcimer, fiddle, flute, tin whistle, mandolin, bouzouki, guitar, banjo and bodhran.
Bryan Field McFarland
Strong lyrics, tight harmonies, catchy melodies, and a solid band lay the groundwork for an enjoyable ride through a variety of genres.
Jim Nunally
Bluegrass / Acoustic / Roots Music
Kathleen Taylor
Her lyrics are inspired by the natural wonders of the great outdoors, the fever-dream passion of her favorite Romantic poets and even, she admits, the mystical world of the wee fairy folk.
Country / Bluegrass
Marcille Wallis
Playing the sweet music of the Celts on hammer dulcimer and other traditional acoustic instruments
mountain mission
A front porch and a folk song
Tom Pacheco
American folk at its raw best.
Ricky Skaggs
Ricky Skaggs is now actively defining and re-shaping the direction of another indigenous American genre of music – bluegrass.
Bob Martin
His ability to paint an emotionally charged picture with a small detail or an artful turn of a phrase is what separates Martin from the average songwriter.
Luanne Hunt
Carrying on the tradition of folk legends such as John Denver and Joan Baez, recording artist Luanne Hunt strikes a nostalgic, yet contemporary chord with anyone who appreciates great music.
Kelleigh McKenzie
Armed with a banjo, guitar and amplified stompbox, Kelleigh has a way of mixing folk, blues, old-time and rock into a music all her own.
Dylan Roberts
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
A seasoned pure country artist who is more than merely an entertainer — he is deeply interested in people.
Jeff Bragg
I'm Jeff and I'm an independent audio producer/engineer and multi-instrumentalist.
His voice is strong with compassion, empathy and sharing the values of uniting humanity in tolerance, love and understanding of the cultural heritage of America.
Brian Henke
Brian Henke composes and performs his music like a painter putting images on canvas, a kind of sonic shaman, drawing his inspiration from the world around him.
Crosby Tyler
Americana / Folk Rock / Roots Music
The Gordons
This husband and wife duo were baptized by bluegrass music and have made wonderful folk music ever since.
Joe Gillaspie
A singer/songwriter simply trying to keep it simple, writing words that inspire and reflect life.
Bill Porta & The Montana Songwriters
Country / Pop / Rock
Their music is a stew--- with healthy proportions of Celtic and American folk tradition, a teaspoon of the blues.
Shabse writes songs with engaging, thought provoking, soul searching lyrics that resonate with the deepest part of where you live.
Cynthia Bennett
She has delighted audiences in Ireland, Canada, and the United States with her pure vocals, whimsical humor, and spirit of adventure and fun.
The Chanty Wrasslers
Celtic music from West Virginia.
Steve and Kristi Nebel
Both of the Nebels sing lead, or harmony, and both of them play instruments, Kristi; bass guitar, and Steve; guitar.
Opossum.........Singer / Songwriter
Peter Alsop
ALSOP is a nationally known singer-songwriter, educator and humorist
John McCutcheon
Whether in print, on record, or on stage, few people communicate with the versatility, charm, wit or pure talent of John McCutcheon.
Dave Clupper
“The hippies used to say that music can heal the world,” Clupper observes. “I know that music is therapy, and beauty, and an expression of life.
Danny Quinn
Danny Quinn is a singer/songwriter who has now been in the business for over 34 fours.
Bob A. Feldman
If you're an anti-war music fan, like topical folk songs, and believe that folk music should be used mainly as a tool for radical democratic social change then you'll probably be interested in listening to Bob A. Feldman
His haunting yet folkish sound can make the listener comfortable while still keeping the song ugly and gritty.
Cheryl Wheeler
Her songs range in tone from silly to serious. Frequent topics are love relationships, descriptions of places or events, and profiles of people.
Lawrence Blatt
Lawrence Blatt delivers piercing, original compositions played on acoustic finger-style guitar.
Rich Finley
Folk / Country / Americana
Most of Josette Davids original songs have been described as introspective, upbeat, and ethereal.
Gordon Bok
A superb storyteller, he often introduces songs in concert with a bit of their origin and history.
Charlotte Ryerson
Charlotte Ryerson is a singer-songwriter whose goal is to touch people with music the way music has touched her through the years.
Peter, Paul and Mary
Songs Of Justice are still relevant today.
Mack Bailey and Rachel Levy
I think it is great that you both are promoting environmental awareness with your new song 'It’s Time’.
The Limeliters
The Limeliters have never deviated from the integrity of the fabulous sound that they pioneered.
Dan Saunders
I love music that moves me. Why write it or listen to it if it doesn't!
Liz Abbott
Tastefully understated, yet positively enchanting.
Tony Hilliard
Tony frequently performs with the group Three Sheets to the Wind, which represents the Schooner Adventure, the last of the dory trawlers.
William J Urmson
Folk singer/songwriter.
The Nutbush Ramblers
The Nutbush Ramblers share a love of Appalachian Mountain music.
The Early Grace Band
Early Grace is an American 5-piece featuring powerful female vocals with achingly beautiful melodies and songs that speak to the heart of their listeners.
The Last Internationale
The Last Internationale is a radical folk duo.
Harmonial Society
Oscar Rice and Robert Logue have been creating music together for over 25 years.
Phil Lee
When Lee sings about his past you can hear a tinge of, not exactly regret, or even shame, but hard-earned wisdom.
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
The original country music they write and perform ranges from neo-traditional to modern popular.
Anders Fransson
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Puddletown Ramblers
When those guys are on top of their game they play bluegrass that I find very satisfying.
Kelly’s Lot
Kelly's Lot weaves a variety of styles on a blues/rock foundation.
Melanie Safka
With guitar in hand and a talent that combined amazing vocal equipment, disarming humor, and a vibrant engagement with life,
Marc Carroll
Blending reverberating songs of the soul, hard haunted Celtic odysseys and his raw intimate vocals.
Jimmy Dale
Jimmy Dale is a unique new artist to country music. Jimmy has a rich powerful voice, that he loves to share with everyone he can.
Dana and Susan Robinson
Done properly, Americana evokes the American character through nostalgic looks at the rural past, common-man tropes, and regional diversity.
Phil Lee
This is country music with a rock and roll heart.
Lucy Wainwright Roche
Another of the Wainwright clan finding her way in the world.
Robert James
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter

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