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Bleeding Hearts
Modern folk rock.
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Benji Kirkpatrick
Multi instrumentalist and singer.
Charlie Barker
Talented singer/songwriter with wonderful voice.
Folk band with big band sound.
The Haiku
Contemporary folk rock duo.
Chris Green
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Steve Kelly
Folk / Alternative / Other
Jazz-inflected Celtic music.
Jez Lowe
County Durham-based singer, instrumentalist, songwriter.
"CuteLoony make some pretty damn great folk pop."
The Owl Service
Combines the best parts of the British folk-rock boom with a sense of occult psychedelia that's never overbearing
Real Time
Scottish and English and Contemporary songs and tunes.
Strangeworld encompasses the best of every musical era, creating a new entity which is addictive to the listener and player.
The True Deceivers
Real folk rock.
Reg Meuross
There's something special about the way he writes & sings a song
Flaxenby provide a timeless, contemporary tilt on folk
Two Black Sheep and a Stallion
Two Black Sheep and a Stallion are a traditional English folk group based in York. We sing unaccompanied traditional English, Shanties and working songs.
Adrian Nation
It’s not often you discover an artist with the 3 S’s for success; Songs, Singing and Serious musicianship
The Old Dance School
The Old Dance School’s distinctive concoction of explosive, white-knuckle folk is blowing up a storm on the festival scene.
The Pipers Sons
Traditional folk band.
Stan Graham
Stan Graham is one of a rare breed of songwriters who has a natural ability to show real emotion and capture special moments in life in the words and melodies of his songs.
Wistman's Wood
Wistman’s Wood are an exciting new trio featuring three of Devon’s finest traditional musicians.
Christian and Georgia
Young and talented acoustic duo.
Jet Brennan
Jet Brennan is a singer/songwriter whose original lyrics and melodies spring from his Scots/Irish heritage
Hickman and Quinn
James Hickman and Chris Quinn draw from the rich traditions of British folk and American roots music.
Gordon A Jackson
My greatest love is for the traditional music of England, Ireland, Scotland and Brittany.
Tom Atkinson
Contemporary folk singer.
Bo Cayce
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Kerensa is an assured & devastatingly skilful hammered dulcimer and Rich a fine fiddler. They can sing a bit as well.
Mary Humphreys & Anahata
Mary and Anahata specialise in bringing back to life the traditional English songs collected in the early 20th century.
Fendragon are a lively and very danceable ceilidh band from Cambridge.
Kim Guy
This is Kim Guy and she delivers folk with an ancient spin. Reminiscent of Sandy Denny and Shelagh McDonald, her work is sparse and honed - nothing gets in the way of that beautiful voice and those fantastic songs. Chillingly good
Blind Summat
Three talented musicians/ songwriters and a banjo player came together with a mission to cheer up the Folk Scene.
Tim Cheatle
I'm regarded as one of the U.K.'s finest acoustic guitarists.
I draw lines
I Draw Lines is songwriter and singer Mark Wilkins.
Heather Woodhead
She has only been singing around the Clubs for three years, which belies the maturity of performance and fantastic sound she produces, singing traditional standards.
Claudine Le Moal
Nutty French Woman, singer/songwriter based in Cambridge.
Kerr Fagan Harbron
There surely can’t be a finer trio on the folk scene.
Our music is a mixture of trad tunes, trad songs and originals.
Garforth & Myers
Rory Garforth (Hotel Brown) and Adam Myers (Tiny Little Secrets) have put their songwriting heads together to create a dark and uniquely immersing sound.
Rebekah FindlaySinger songwiter and multi-instrumentalist based in North Yorkshire, playing a wide range of material including self penned work, traditional folk songs and covers.
Traditional folk duo.
You Are Wolf
You Are Wolf peddles experimental folk and originals through looped vocals, melodica, bass and whatever else she can lay her hands on.
Harvey Andrews
One of England’s most enduring and talented singer/songwriters.
Tom Bliss
Tom is a 'multi-instrumentalist storyteller' who specialises in writing songs based on real events, usually in a style which refers to the tradition, but with a contemporary twist.
Eliza Carthy
During a 19-year career she has become one of the most dazzling and recognised folk musicians of a generation.
Richard Langridge
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Mark Wilson
Acoustic/Americana, singer/songwriter and guitarist.
Steve White
Punk folk with bite and worth a listen.
Anna Leddra-Chapman
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Instrumental folk band
Beverley Aarons
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Siobhan McCrudden
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Angie Shaw
Acoustic / Folk / Healing & Easy Listening
Simon Stephenson
Guitarist, composer and songwriter.
40 Horses
New Wave / Alternative / Folk
Folk / Folk Rock / Indie
Gus Glynn and Friends
From stomping rythms to sad sweet ballads and atmospheric experimental interludes with deep roots in folk, country, blues, classical and world music this fine blend of acoustic ingenuity comes alive.
Stephen Reid
Stephen Reid has a wonderful sense of narrative, his songs feel like vignettes of life.
Ella Edmondson
Is a contemporary singer songwriter based on Dartmoor in Devon.
David Nicholas Hill
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Jamie Kirkbright
Contemporary singer/songwriter.
Martin Nesbitt
The premier comedy songwriter in the North East of England.
Kathryn Tickell
Kathryn Tickell is a Northumbrian piper, fiddler and composer.
Phil Edmonds
Singer / Guitarist & Songwriter.
Val Marshall
"It all sounds SO good" Bob Harris about Val's CD
Wonderful Cornish folk group.
The Lancashire Hotpots
A band of seriously good musicians who don’t let that get in the way of being a fun band.
We make a kind of modern, folk-based British music, acoustic at heart but not always quiet.
Garry Nodwell
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Pop music from the last five centuries
Mark Lunn
My simple songs cover a range of subjects from Pickled Eggs to Arson, they frequently have a humorous twist and they also contain some good choruses.
Michelle Martin
Michelle Martin solo Singer / Guitar songwriter.
Pete Braven
Pete Braven, singer, songwriter, poet, eccentric and altogether slightly strange!
Shirley Higton
I am mainly known for writing humorous songs but this profile is strictly for the more sentimental and dare I say it passionate side to my song-writing.
Phil Graham
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
The Kittiwakes
Delicious, intriguing and evocative music, beautifully played and sung by this talented trio.
With their unique jazz/folk fusion Pentangle quickly became both stars of the underground and darlings of the mainstream.
Tony Finney
All the songs i have written are based on true stories and experiences in my life.
Chris Wood
Contemporary hero of the English folk tradition. ...radical, fierce, compassionate, humane, political, proud, tender, humorous, critical and frank.
Kete Bowers
Country / Folk Rock / Folk
Stuart Brett
Acoustic / Blues / Indie
Steamchicken Ceilidh Band
We get into the swing with harmonica and mandolin swapping leads/improvising melodies, bass/piano and percussion keeping the rhythm tight and tenor sax blowing over the top.
The Gravitons
From the wilds of north England come The Gravitons with songs of beauty, angst & hope.
Alien Dream UK
Indrani writes songs about space, time and fantasy; science fiction and strange worlds in far off galaxies.
Nancy Kerr & James Fagan
Groundbreaking English fiddle player and singer Nancy Kerr and her Aussie partner James Fagan (bouzouki, voice) play a scintillating mix of traditional and contemporary acoustic music drawn mostly from the English and Australian traditions.
Wonderful purveyors of traditional folk songs.
I'm the girl who is ‘attached at the hip’ to her guitar and writes songs on idle days about everything and everyone.
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Girls From The Shoreline
Amy and Jenna are singer- songwriters from North Devon
Tina McKevitt & Matt Hegarty
They both draw heavily on their Irish musical backgrounds which they integrate with other musical styles and influences to produce a fresh, original sound.
Rachael McShane
Rachael’s band, featuring James Peacock (piano), Jonathan Proud (bass) and Adam Sinclair (drums), combine their eclectic influences to create interesting and exciting arrangements of traditional songs.
Phil Langran
Phil's songs pack a real emotional punch. His lyrics are wry and wistful with gorgeous Celtic-influenced melodies.
The Queensberry Rules
Through their commitment to playing lengthy tours of the U.K, and high profile shows with the likes of Fairport Convention, The Levellers, Vin Garbutt and Show of Hands, their star continued to rise, as word of their exhilarating live shows continued to spread.
Jen Stevens & The Hiccups
Indie / Folk / Blues
Iona Leigh
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter with unique voice.
Rebecca Worthley
Acoustic / Folk / Alternative
Katie Doherty
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter
George Papavgeris
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter. And a good one too.
Roger Davies
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Chris Millington
Folk singer/songwriter specialising in the history of Devon.
Roscoe has an entirely unique lyrical style to his playing and tells delicate stories with each song in his old-soul voice.
Magpie Lane
Five-piece acoustic band specialising in traditional English songs and dance tunes.
Duncan McFarlane Band
Essentially solid, energetic English electric folk.
Greymatter, a five piece all female British folk rock band.
Tony Morris
Accompanies his poetry and stories with music on a variety of instruments.
Judy Dinning
Brilliant interpreter of traditional and contemporary songs.
Vin Garbutt
Vin Garbutt is the funniest and most serious man on the Folk Scene!
Saul Rose
English singer and melodeon player and member of many collaborations.
Chris & Siobhan Nelson
Duo with a repertoire drawn from a wide range of sources, both traditional and contemporary.
Nic Jones
British folk singer and guitarist. Amongst the most acclaimed artists to emerge from the British Folk Revival.
The Nocturnal Flowers
As a band they offer something very different, refreshing and once heard or seen live one soon realises that they have an infectious sound and presence about them.
The Ragged Crows
The Ragged Crows, a Vale Of Evesham based acoustic folk with a hint of rock based band.
The Rawmarsh Mashers
The Mashers stand firmly on the side of “the folks” who make their home town tick, which is why the song “Ordinary Man” has become a stable.
Tim Edey
Tim Edey is regarded by many to be one of the finest multi-instrumental players of his generation in the Celtic music folk scene worldwide.
John Burge
John Burge - " One Man Folk Orchestra "
Tom Palmer
There’s simply no mistaking the voice of Tom Palmer. Gravel-edged, rich and rumbling it reverberates through a fine collection of mostly self-penned songs.
Dalla’s performances are both inventive and enchanting, their music celebrates Cornish culture in an upbeat and infectious voice.
Life and Times
Life & Times present traditional and traditionally inspired original songs, music, drama and dance in an entertaining yet educational way to bring to life aspects of our history, traditional customs and folklore.
Folk Rock Dance Band
Its Ranting Rob
As well as being a Performance Poet and Singer/songwriter, Rob is an all round Entertainer.
Raymond Froggatt
Folk / Folk Rock / Country
Seize The Day
We sing songs about how life feels to us today; from love of this amazing planet Earth to analysis of the war on terror, civil protest, big brother surveillance, liberties and the plunder of nature.
The Organised
Young band with lots of potential.
Alex Garraway
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Lakeland Fiddlers
Traditional fiddle music from the English lakes
Kim Thompsett
I am very impressed. Beautiful voice and really nice arrangements.
Peter Webster
My music is influenced by sixties pop and rock, seventies new-wave, British and American folk and new country.
Phillip Hartley
I am a Singer/Songwriter from Sheffield, England. Instrumentally I mainly play acoustic (6 & 12 String) guitar, although I also play Mandola, Mandolin, Keyboards (a bit) and percussion.
Kiss The Mistress
Traditional folk band.
Henry Clements
I have been singing my songs around the clubs and festivals of the South and West for the past 20 years or so.
Andrew Sloman
Andrew Sloman is a British singer-songwriter who cut his teeth on Bristols highly-regarded live music circuit.
Their set lists contain a selection of styles from contemporary folk through to blues and rock and often incorporating all three in the one act.
Mike Silver
When Show of Hands decided to record their first album live, Mike was high on the list of musicians and singers that they contacted to perform alongside them.
Maggie Sand & Sandragon
Maggie Sand & Sandragon perform a unique blend of traditional and original songs and hi-energy dance tunes from the mediaeval and Renaissance eras.
Pete Rivers
Singer/songwriter /eternal dreamer
Wytchazle are Bury St Edmunds Based acoustic duo: Daisy Windsor and Robert Foster, sometimes joined by guest musician: the wonderful conga player, Brett Alexander Robertson
Esther Rose Parkes
Esther Rose Parkes is a timeless artist who brings to mind the intrinsically English mysticism of Nick Drake and Sandy Denny combined with the soulful wisdom of Dusty Springfield and Phoebe Snow.
The Chimney Boys
A good modern folk band.
Steve Benford
I’m an acoustic guitarist playing traditional celtic and folk music.
Delicate harmonies, electric/acoustic rhythms and sympathetic string arrangements, supported by a clean production sound and tastefully unobtrusive backing.
Serious Sam Barrett
Folk / Blues / Country
Crazy Man Michael
Folk / Alternative / Acoustic
Traditional folk band with modern sound.
The Mountain Firework Company
Roots Music / Folk / Country.
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Red Shoes
Contemporary folk singer/songwriters. And one of my favourites.
Traditional folk trio with a modern sound.
Dave Webber & Anni Fentiman
Traditional folk singers.
Bob Fox
Brilliant interpreter of traditional songs.
Gerry McNeice
Singer/songwriter and interpreter of traditional songs.
Katriona Gilmore
Singer and fiddler and member of various bands.
Jackie Barnett
Country / Bluegrass / Americana
Becca & the broken biscuits
Becca's songs have always been sweet treats, but with the added dimension of the Broken Biscuits, particularly Anna’s heartbreaking cello, they have become that little bit more special.
No Fixed Abode
Excellent midlands based acoustic duo.
Modern folk rock.
Allan and Liam Wilkinson
Allan and Liam Wilkinson are a father and son duo from Doncaster
Folk / Jazz / Fusion
Kirsty and Katie Lawrence
The Isle of Man really. The best way to describe our music is to say that it is traditional Manx music (and some Irish/Scottish), some of which has been jazzed up a little.
Black Jack Davey Keogh / Wylde Green
Irish folk music embedded in south west England.
Traditional and contemporary folk singer and guitarist.
Scratton Road
Continue to go from strength to strength and really are worth a watch or a listen.
Telling the Bees
This is a band that conjures hauntingly beautiful music.
Alistair Russell
I've been playing professionally for approaching 30 years now, notably for a 13-year stretch with Scotland's Battlefield Band.
John Parkes
The songs are not indie rock without a band but might be 'alternative folk' or 'modern urban folk'.
James ’Bar’ Bowen
Original singer songwriter, radical and rocking
Stuart Estell
He plays a wide variety of folk material from the English and Appalachian traditions - the old tragic ballads, songs from the singing of the Copper Family and Jean Ritchie.
Jonathan Taylor
Jonathan who has real talent has identified the crimes that are committed in our name. The songs are beautiful and the cause a worthy one.
Maclaine Colston & Saul Rose
Their skills combined offer up something completely different and new, their technical virtuosity is bolstered by vocals that work so well together.
The Geripatricks
We are a Northampton Irish band that have been going for a few years now.
Ben Needham and Robin Petty
Ben's lovely, vibrato-laden voice is accompanied with skill and sensitivity by Robin's guitar
Listening to Martine's soft, delicate vocals, you can’t help but notice the emotion her voice brings to every one of her heartfelt songs.
Steve Turner
Steve Turner has been turning into one of this country's finest male singers and performers of folk-song.
Cath and Phil Tyler
The twining harmonies…recall the heyday of English pastoral folk song.
We're Oystar a London-based band playing ska-rock-rap with an occasional skiffle thrown in for luck.
Those wicked Essex rascals, Mawkin, have joined forces with the honey-voiced Jim Causley to form one hell of a boyband!
Rod Clements
Acoustic & electric slide guitarist, singer-songwriter.
Dave Burland
Traditional and contemporary folk singer.
Edey, Power+Randall
New take on folk music.
Tina McKevitt & Matt Hegarty
They both draw heavily on their Irish musical backgrounds which they integrate with other musical styles and influences to produce a fresh, original sound.
David Reese
Guitar and banjo player.
There is a sparseness to the sound that tempts you to fill the gaps, hearing that which is not there as well as that which is.
Folk tunes played from a Bluegrass perspective
One Stone
One Stone play wide range of tradition and self penned songs with the odd cover thrown in. And very well too.
Paul Brown
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Billy Bragg
England's troubadour turns up trumps with the help of a soulful band.
The Harvesters
Uniquely, we combine our own incisive and witty original songs with traditional English songs and the percussive dance styles of Appalachian Flat-footing and Green Grass-style precision clogging.
Doug Eunson & Sarah Matthews
With vocal harmonies, melodeons, fiddle and viola, they play English traditional songs and dance tunes, with a little European influence added.
Black Peak
They perform their own blend of original contemporary and traditional acoustic/folk.
Tiny Tin Lady
Modern folk group.
Beth Orton
Folk / Indie / Electronica
Edwina Hayes
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Modern folk rock.
Waking the Witch
Modern folk band
Jezz Hall
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Steve O'Connor
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Traditional folk band with a range of styles and influences.
The Onion Band
Folk / Folk Rock / Acoustic
Judy Dyble
Has a genre of her own but the folk singer is still in there.
Charlie Dore
Most respected singer-songwriters.
Ruth & Gary Wells
Contemporary songs by other artistes as well as their own compositions.
Pyrates! are a sea shanty, folk, drinking, rock, songs of the sea type band, performing a variety of traditional, revival and alternative folk music all in our very own musical way!
Steve Stapley
Steve Stapley's gravelly, soulful vocals swell emotively over understated, clean acoustic guitar.
Matt Greenhill
Contemporary folk singer
A band of seriously good musicians who don’t let that get in the way of being a fun band.
Ron Trueman-Border
Ron Trueman-Border is a prolific and extremely hard-working singer-songwriter.
John Tams
Winner of SIX BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards
Steve OKane
Steve O'Kane's songs and chords always draw you into the mood of the meaning behind the lyrics.
The Guitarbilles, turned out to be one of those pleasant surprises.
Alex Highton
An old-fashioned troubadour in the strictest sense, strumming gentle folk songs on his guitar.
Few Broth
The band are mainly folk influenced but we like to play a variety of different songs and styles, from Geordie songs/tunes through blues to American folk and humorous numbers too.
Kirsty McGee
Americana / 2-step / Indie
Forever Looking Back
Young talented singer/songwriter and guitarist.
Ian McKone
Ian McKone is a traditional singer, guitarist and fiddler playing mainly English and Scottish folk song with the odd instrumental thrown in for good measure.
Singer/song writing duo with a marvellous command of words and melodies.
Lorelei Loveridge
A contemporary acoustic songwriter who pairs a passionate political sense with an understanding of the complex personal stories that go beyond politics.
Kaytee and Robert
Singer/song writing duo. There is something special about there own songs.
John Wrightson
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Malcolm Bushby
A fiddle player and pretty reasonable at that too!
Rachel & The Lawn Grower
Atmospheric singer/songwriter and a bloke on a guitar.
Workshy Profits
Workshy Profits are a trio of musicians who perform a dazzling fusion of traditional and contemporary music from around the world.
Michelle Holding
Excellent singer of traditional and contemporary songs and a good guitarist as well.
Steve Lett
Irreverent songs about life today.
Julian Longden
Fine guitarist and not a bad singer either.
Duncan McFarlane
I've played as a guest at a fair old number of folk clubs, venues & festivals now, earned a bit of a reputation as an entertainer/player/singer - even writer!
Karen Killeen
As a solo artist Karen sings with emotion and uses sensitive guitar accompaniments to give a complete performance of a song.
Billy Vincent
Modern folk rock.
The Rival Folk
Indie / Folk / Alternative
The Rowan Amber Mill
The sound is, in various incarnations, produced by Acoustic Guitars, a Bouzouki, an Electric Guitar, a Banjo, a Wobbly Bass, paint pots and percussion, a voice and some whistles being recorded in a disused sheds in the heart of the Westcountry.
Acoustic / Gothic / Classical
Bob Fox & Stu Luckley
This on/off duo is on again.
Gnomon’s Shadow
Kim is a singer and multi-instrumentalist who plays both solo and in several bands. Paul composes his own electronica, as well as producing and remixing other artists.
Tabby’s Nook
Tabby's Nook are a performing folk trio with a history that stretches back many years.
Julian Wilson
I personally sound heartfelt and gruff as a singer, but oddly interesting - on the RIGHT song that is!
Bang On The Ear
The band have a very varied program of music ranging from traditional Irish songs and tunes to more contemporary Irish music such as the Pogues, Van Morrison, the Saw Doctors, Goats Don't Shave, Christy Moore and U2.
Tina Taylor
Tina’s songs stem mainly from personal experience or observation and cover a wide range of emotions and subjects.
A mix of acoustic bass, acoustic guitar and some vocals.
Circus Envy
Modern folk rock.
Clear Blue Skies
Acoustic / Rock
Folk instrumental band.
Miranda Barber
Acoustic / Folk / Blues
Kathryn Davidson
Excellent folk singer
Kate Doubleday
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter
Gareth Davies-Jones
Contemporary folk singer with attitude.
Show of Hands
Contemporary and traditional folk duo; one of the best on the scene.
Tim van Eyken
Traditional folk singer with modern style.
Emma and the Professor
Powerful Tribal Roots music, drawn from the Marches - with world influences.
Ruth Angell
Ruth is a professional musician playing in multiple bands on the violin, guitar and singing vocals, she is also a writer.
A musical landscape across world traditions, with distinctive Celtic and Eastern flavours.
Bert Jansch
Legendary songwriter and guitarist, is widely acknowledged as one of the most influential musicians of all time.
Peter Butler
Peter Butler is a purveyor of great songs accompanied by some excellent guitar playing.
Carolyn Sheppard
Freelance bass, singer/songwriter and guitarist, with a great style.
Barber & Taylor
Kevin and Mark perform an eclectic range of roots music, energised by driving bluegrass rhythms and tinged with melancholy Americana.
Martin Simpson
Widely acknowledged as one of the finest acoustic and slide guitar players in the world, his interpretations of traditional songs are masterpieces of storytelling.
All three members have been instrumental in the English revival of the last ten years (or so!).
Anna Shannon
Anna Shannon - a versatile multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, carrying on the musical tradition!
Intelligently realised Celticry... highly musical and guaranteed to bring a smile to face and feet.
The Ivy Frame
Lovely ethereal voice and novel approach.
Traditional songs and ballads with original arrangements and a selection of lively Irish and Scottish reels on the penny whistle accompanied by the guitar.
Lucy Ward
Her style could be described as girl with a guitar, there is a natural and easy sound to her music that is brought to life by expressive performance and breath-taking delivery.
A group of accomplished folk players, the three piece of guitar fiddle and flute gel particularly well on the Irish and Scottish tunes
Allan Taylor
His songs are faultlessly constructed and flawlessly performed, with his instantly recognisable voice, attractively dark and mellow.
Travelling Riverside
The music and vocals from this “Bluesy” duo are very sharp and professional.
Phil Hare
Phil Hare is widely regarded as one of the finest and most distinctive acoustic guitarists working on the current folk music circuit.
Guido M Rincón
Guido is a multi instrumentalist who has played in the world of folk and folk-rock for over thirty years.
Luke Jackson
Luke is now an accomplished singer/songwriter and acoustic guitarist and still has plenty of time to develop.
Brother Crow
Brother Crow are an acoustic duo from Weardale, who perform original narrative songs about the people, places and historical events of their local area and beyond.
Ruth Notman
A new voice in British Folk
Wendy Arrowsmith
A fine singer of traditional songs and an outstanding songwriter as well - a gem.
Benjamin Folke Thomas
His Style combines the very best of Dylan, Cohen and Mississippi John Hurt
Joolz Cavell
I am fairly new to the folk scene but I am loving it.
The Imagined Village
It's never a bad idea to give folk song a good shake-up and Simon Emmerson has astutely assembled the people to do it with both love and a sense of mischief
Andy Broderick
Earthy, primordial...folk songs delivered with a kind of bullish wildness!
Back to Basics
Acoustic Duo covering a wide variety of indie songs.
Thinker are a 3-piece band formed in the South UK, that combine traditional influences with modern sentiments, to create music which is energetic, melodic and will make you think.
Simon Lang
I write my own songs about whatever matters.
Al Neville
I am an acoustic singer and songwriter of various styles. A regular performer in many of the local folk and music clubs, I sing songs of humour.
Graeme Knights
His repertoire is wide ranging and he can apply his rich baritone voice to encompass Traditional Love Songs, Mining Songs, Gospel songs, Drinking and Music Hall Songs and some more recently written contemporary songs.
John Twist
Absolutely brilliant singer/songwriter.
Al Jordan
Folk / Folk Rock / Acoustic
Young and promising folk band.
Nancy Wallace
Long respected as one of the purest voices on the folk circuit.
Fyrish have a wide repertoire of folk songs from all over the world, with lyrics which will grab your attention, and melodies to warm the heart.
Marc Block
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Roots Union
American roots music, English & Irish Folk & Balladry
Jim Moray
Modern approach to folk music.
Gareth Balch
Folk / Country / Acoustic and a mean Bob Dylan to boot.
Traditional and contemporary folk singer.
Ian Babington
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Modern folk duo.
Spiers & Boden
Traditional folk duo.
Lou Rhodes
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
John Keenan
Contemporary singer/songwriter with an attractive blues style..
Lisa Knapp
Vocalist and fiddler player
Crooked Usage
This London based band plays a blend of rootsy soulful original music.
Cruel Folk
The English acoustic folk tradition is alive and well and this is where you'll find it.
Tony Levy
Their music will enthrall and delight with a combination of Bryony's rich resonant vocals and Erin's modal guitar style
Mazies Wake
They are a band from south east London there sound is a fusion rock indie folk blues.
Harriet Bartlett
Celtic music on the piano accordion at lightening speed, heart rendering slow airs and beautiful songs.
Cat Stevens
Or Yusuf Islam, the magic is still the same.
Cathryn Craig and Brian Willoughby
Brian's strong British Folk Rock influence mixes well with Cathryn's Roots, blurring boundaries and showcasing her voice, his guitar and their intricately crafted songs in a unique and dynamic way.
Jo Freya
Singer and saxophonist with her own tyle.
Sarah McQuaid
McQuaid is a brilliant singer and guitarist and chose some beautiful songs for her album.
Andy Hill
Folk and Country and funny stuff.
Eddy O'Dwyer
Young talented singer.
Traditional folk songs.
Rosa's Daughters
Rosa's Daughters are a harmony duo who love singing.
Classically trained folk singer.
The Amazing Doug!
Songwriter, a singer, and sometimes guitar and mandolin player.
Bryan Causton
Multi-faceted, multi instrumentalist.
The Young Coppers
The latest crop from the famous folk song collecting and singing family.
Roddy Clenaghan
Contemporary and traditional folk singer.
Steeleye Span
Fan page for a great folk rock band.
Talented young singer/songwriter.
Chas Williams
Traditional and contemporary folk singer
Zoox are a superb trio serving up a cocktail of new melodies and traditional tunes with a delicate balance of strings, wind, percussion and voices.
Franana is all about passion and pleasure - intelligent, heartfelt songwriting, conveyed with sincere emotion, infectious enthusiasm and stunning musicality.
Bedlam Boys
Mostly Steve’s own excellent songs which will make you tap your feet, make you want to jump about and even dance on the tables.-
Wheeler Street
Wheeler Street manage to combine all the excitement and enthusiasm of youth with terrific musicianship, great vocals and imaginative arrangements of both original and traditional songs and tunes.
Sally That lemonade woman (TM)
Folk Rock / A'cappella and lemonade for when it’s hot at a summer festival.
John Budden
Song Writer Guitar Player
Blind Stag
But not just a ceilidh band. We do Irish, Scottish and even (once) a French night.
John Skullion
Singer/songwriter with a raw power yet sensitive approach which brings out the meaning of his songs.
The Jones Boys
The Jones Boys are a brilliant and entertaining band whose lively and energetic music was enjoyed by everyone who attended our open day.
Simon James Onions
Folk guitarist.
The Hofners
The Hofners- Duncan Campbell and Martin Burley play classics from the blues, jazz and americana.
Martyn & Daisy
Playing a mixture of folk, country and blues together on guitar, banjo and fiddle.
Kirsty Macleod
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Rodney Branigan
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Adrian Button
Acoustic Guitarist/Singer
Gren Bartley
As an acoustic finger-picking guitar-and-banjo-player he has few if any equals in his age group; as an acoustic rooted in folk writer he's developing an alarmingly good canon of work.
Phil Hulse
He has written a new collection of songs that are already winning praise and have been described as ‘Poignant, topical and heart-felt’
Acoustic guitarist.
Folk / Acoustic / Roots Music
Contemporary folk musicians.
Liz Narey
Folk / Acoustic / Country.
Steve Tilston
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Ellie Skinner
Excellent folk singer
Kindred Spirit
Contemporary folk rock band.
Pumpaction Peashooter
Contemporary folk rock.
The Demon Barbers
Contemporary folk rock.
John P
Trip Hop / Folk / Electronica
David Stevenson
Folk singer/songwriter.
Jill Fielding Band
The Jill Fielding Band is a bunch of musicians who are passionate about music!
English Traditional Folk Music and Song
Pete Lashley
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
JP Slidewell
A folk singer who possess the talent to play folk songs in a unique and wonderful way.
The Young’uns
Contemporary and traditional folk singers with something special.
Dave Russell
Traditional folk singer.
Jon Loomes
Jon Loomes sings and plays a dozen or so instruments.
Leprechaun Water
Keeping the Celtic vibe alive.
Sinéad Orme
I hope that my songs can comfort, challenge, uplift and inspire people.
The Outlandish Knights
Hard Rocking Ceilidh band
Stuart Anthony
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Donnybrook Fair
Fast paced music that becomes progressively more infectious to its listeners!!
Penni McLaren Walker
A melodic singer/songerwriter with a unique style.
Derek Vallance
Blues / Rock / Bluegrass
Bruno Gallone
His style has been described as “acoustic Power Pop and is a cross between The Housemartins/Billy Bragg/The Lightning Seeds.
John Meed
John Meed’s beautifully melodic heartfelt songs range across war, the world, injustice and love.
The Firebyrds
The Firebyrds play a range of covers in a bluesy style as well as several of our own funked up songs.
Karen Tweed
Drawing from her background in Irish Traditional Music, she houses a wealth of musical history with a respect for other European traditions making her music accessible yet individual.
Shirley Higton
This is Shirley’s comedy site.
Anna Sinfield
The formula is simple: catchy folk-pop laced with lyrics that lay down the bare bones of life and growing up.
Peter Gabriel Byrne
Peter Gabriel Byrne is a singer, songwriter and guitarist, based on the Island of Sark.
Chill Until Blue
With a philosophy to play music that is dynamic, accessible, fun and eclectic, Chill Until Blue create a progressive sound whilst maintaining a respect for the tradition.
Westcoaster is a collaboration between Bridport guitarist Mitch Norman and Devon-based fiddle duo Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll.
Lynne Butler
Lynne travelled to the USA in her 20s to learn more about her favoured country and bluegrass music.
Simon Haworth
A singer songwriter from the North of England whose songs have a very traditional flavour.
Fairport Convention
Famous folk rock band.
Anna Oakes
Traditional folk singer with a lovely voice.
Daisy Windsor
Daisy Windsor is a singer/songwriter from Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk.
Zoe and Dave Bottomley
A bit Kate Rusby-ish, sounds like a young female folk singer! Surprisingly... And a very good guitarist.
Talented young traditional trio.
Together they are a breath of fresh air on the folk scene - beautiful singing, dynamic guitar & sweet harmonies all add up to a performance not to be missed!
Band performing traditional folk songs.
Shallcross Avenue
A folk band from somewhere within the depths of the jolly peak district.
Ted Luff
Folk / Comedy / Acoustic
Ashleigh Jay
As a vocalist I do acoustic gigs with a guitar and vocals mainly. Alex, my better half is my guitarist :-)
Bob Ebdon
Autoharpist and singer.
Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll
Their passion for English traditional music and the violin has led to the development of their unique style.
Mary Epworth and The Jubilee Band
Modern folk rock.
Jim Causley
Traditional and contemporary singer.
Boo Hewerdine
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Laura Marling
Contemporary singer/songwriter.
Chris Ricketts
Contemporary and traditional folk singer
The Loosehounds
Folk rock band.
Andy Turner
Traditional English music sung and played with conviction and Anglo-concertina.
Kate Rusby
Contemporary and traditional folk singer of justified great renown.
Contemporary folk rock.
Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer
Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer have been carving out a reputation for delivering innovative new slants on traditional tunes, fascinating originals and songs in festivals and folk clubs around the country.
Jackie Oates
She fiddle sings mainly traditional English folk song.
Fran McGillivray & Mike Burke
Fran McGillivray and Mike Burke hail from London but play a very American folk blues.
Hamish Currie
Hamish is a very talented singer and superb guitarist.
Éimear Bradley
Her music has received many great reviews from BBC and other Folk radio stations in Ireland and The UK.
John Hudson
I write songs to amuse myself and anyone else who shares my ironic taste in humour.
Glenn Coggin
Good old fashioned folk singer.
The band play a range of folk, rock, pop & even country songs.
Damh the Bard
Damh the Bard is a Druid whose spirituality is expressed through his music, storytelling and poetry.
Hermione Swinford
English or Yiddish folksongs with or without harp
Charlotte Yanni
Folk Rock / Experimental / Acoustic
Linda Watkins
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter with unique style.
Richard Grainger
Richard Grainger is a singer and songwriter steeped in the Northumbrian and English Folk Traditions.
singer/songwriter acoustic duo with a gentle blend
Commoners Muck
Mainly trad. Irish but with some contemporary Irish.
Blowzabella combine hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, violin, diatonic accordion, saxophones, clarinets and bass to produce an inimitable, driving drone-based sound.
Marc Nellis
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Jack B. Burness
Jacks songs are often laced with dry humour and are usually of a semi autobiographical nature.
My heart is held by the most ancient of stories.
Steve Knightley
"There's a reason why Knightley has been called, ''one of England's greatest singer-songwriters'' and you'll find evidence enough of his obvious abilities in these nakedly honest songs of hurt and hope”
James Cannon And The Sinners
THE SINNERS are 5 musicians brought together by a mutual love of The Pogues, a Good Drink and the Craic.
Their music has evolved out of an accumulation of influences collected over the years from a mixture of wild and adventurous life experiences.
Martin Perry
Martin is now concentrating on playing and performing the music he loves; laid back acoustic folk and blues.
Bella Hardy
Bella Hardy, critically acclaimed for her mesmerising singing and fiddle performances.
Simon Jackson
I'm known for my composition and performance of beautiful 'celtic' acoustic guitar pieces and intricate arrangements of songs. I'm also gradually expanding a repertoire of my own songs.
Ray Bradfield
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
The Hobopop Collective
Raw and edgy, the hobopop collective adds to the distinctive and accomplished duo of kirsty mcgee and mat martin the skills of two of the country's most exciting emerging jazz musicians.
Gallys Folly
Gally's Folly are an acoustic-based duo writing, recording and performing their own original material,
Linda and Geoff Pearson
They play a mixture of Anglo-American songs and tunes.
Barbara Helen
The finest singer-songwriter Teesside has to offer.
Charley Macaulay
Charley Macaulay - 16 years old, Loves singing. Currently working on writing her own stuff, gigging over hampshire with good friend Matt.
Jedd Jahsson
George Formby sound alike.
Shoot The Crow
For an evening of great Irish music with traditional folk, reels and jigs as well as contemporary folk music, come down and get some "whiskey in the jar" with five piece Irish band, Shoot the Crow.
Tom & Barbara Brown
Although their speciality is songs of the West Country, their repertoire draws from a huge range of traditional and, to a lesser extent, modern songs.
Fyrish is a folk duo of Marjorie Paterson (cello) and Dave Cowan (vocals and guitar).
Cernunnos Rising
This music...these lyrics... born from the inspiration and feelings of connection to nature is the work of George Nicholas, an artist, muralist, sculpturist, poet, singer, and philanthropist.
Ted Luff
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter with a comic twist.
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Askew Sisters
Emily and Hazel Askew are a young duo making waves on the folk scene with their energetic brand of English folk music.
String Theory
A mixture of traditional and contemporary folk, blues and self penned material interspersed with tunes on guitar, mandolin and fiddle.

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