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Tribute and Memorial Page

This page contains links to sites that remember bands that have, well, disbanded and artists who are no longer with us.

They are all worthy of a look and their music should be still be shared.

Aardvark and No Money
Second incarnation of the Hertfordshire based band some of whose members are still active of the folk scene. d 1987
Aardvark and No Money circa 1982/3
First incarnation of the Hertfordshire based band some of whose members are still active of the folk scene. d 1983
Danny Kyle
Danny was one of the best known and best loved persons on the Scottish folk music scene. He was involved in virtually every good folk festival in Scotland. d 1998
Goats Don’t Shave
Irish band that made famous songs that are now standards on the folk scene. d 1998
Edward II
Band that combined reggae with folk music. d 1999
Ewan Maccoll
Doyen of British folk music in the great folk revival. Famed for his interpretation of traditional songs as well as his own. d 1989
Jake Thackray
Not really a folk singer his took a quirky look at life. He found a home in folk clubs though and was welcomed to the fold. d 2002
John Wright
John Wright is a name that has become synonymous with the best in the interpretation of contemporary folk song in the UK. d 2008
Kate Wolf
Kate Wolf re-popularized folk music in Northern California in the 1970's, and went on to national recognition before her untimely passing in 1986.
Phil Ochs
1960s folk singer/songwriter whose songs are just as valid today as they were then. Doesn’t anyone listen? d 1976
Sandy Denny
At her best, the greatest folk singer ever. d 1978
Stan Rogers
Canadian singer/songwriter whose strident tones stood out from the crowd. d 1983
Folk rock band from the early 70s that could not match fairport in the public’s affection. Shame.
Davy Graham
Davy Graham was a guitarist, singer and arranger who revolutionised guitar playing in the early sixties and enjoyed a long career as England's greatest: if often over-looked, guitarist. d 2008
Last Nights Fun
Known for their powerful, driving tunes, blisteringly soulful songs and side splitting humour, Last Night's Fun have been wowing audiences throughout Europe and America since the bands conception in 1994. d 2008
Matt Armour
Matt took his rightful place as the ubiquitous heart, life & soul of the UK folk scene. d 2009
Stephen Taff Thomas
Steve was an amazing, puzzling, complex, intelligent, talented, tortured and loveable guy. d 2008
Back of the Moon
Celtic band whose members have moved on. d 2007
Award winning Anglo-Irish band who decided it was time to go their own ways. d. 2008
The Corries
The Corries, namely Ronnie Browne and Roy Williamson, were a dynamic folk singing duo who, for more than thirty years, combined a unique blend of instruments and songs to create one of the most influential groups of the folk revival in Scotland.
Magna Carta
An evening with Magna Carta was an experience not to be missed. d 2009
The Witches of Elswick
A cappella harmony with attitude. d 2009
Atmospheric Norwegian folk rock band. d 2004.
Folk music by folks. Dulcimers, autoharp, bass, guitar, the occasional concertina or whistle....and three-part harmony. d 2008

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