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Folk rock Italian style.
Folk rock from Norway.
The Shanes
German folk rock (polka) band.
Soďg Sibéril
Folk guitarist from Brittany.
Connemara Stone Company
Folk rock from Germany
Folk music from denmark.
René Evald
Folk Rock / Country / Blues
John Darlington
Folk rock singer and guitarist now living in France.
Starfish64 mostly is a vehicle of a singer/songwriter and recording artist.
NO blues
Combination of American folk-blues and traditional Arabic music.
Pettersson & Fredriksson
Using mandola and nyckelharpa they explore both the local Swedish folk music tradition of Västerbotten and an inner, personal landscape.
We use authentic instruments and techniques of the 16th & early 17th centuries, because they work so damn well for this music, so if it works – why mess with it?
Majorstuen is a young fiddlers band scraping up a storm with new Norweigan roots sounds.
FFR (Celtic Fiesta)
Folk rock with a French accent.
A group of articulate, accomplished musicians their interpretations of Irish traditional music and song is ensconced in their love and respect of Irish culture.
Ygdrassil are Linde Nijland and Annemarieke Coenders, two Dutch female singers - known for their beautiful, clear harmonies.
Linde Nijland
Toured all over Europe with her strong songs and captivating performance
Neil Brophy
Driven by the love of performance, travel and the tradition of the english / celtic music culture.
Swedish all girl folk band.
VASEN - trad. Swedish acoustic power trio/quartet
Chris Foster
Englishman resident in Iceland and one of the finest singers and most thoughtful inventive guitar accompanists of English folk songs.
Andrey Vinogradov
Russian hurdy-gurdy tunes
Performers of the traditional songs the northern European countries of Iceland and England.
Magnus Holmén
My intention as a songwriter and artist is to be part of a storytelling tradition that I feel is as important as ever.
Folk rock Belgian style.
German folk rock.
A Finnish-Norwegian group who produces fresh Scandinavian powerfolk with violins, fretted instruments, upright bass and endless energy!
Folk Rock / Folk / Rock
Sackville Street
British folk songs with a German accent.
The Beverly Band
A typical concert with The Beverly Band will take the audience on a musical road trip.
Folk rock from Belgium.
Stockholm Lisboa Project
Musicians from Portugal and Sweden joined to communicate their music traditions.
Kevin Camus
Breton and other Celtic traditional music.
West of Eden
West of Eden has for a decade thrilled their audience with their unique blend of folky pop and Celtic traditions.
Sérgio Crisóstomo
I developed through the years a special interest in folk music, adapting the violin to multiple music styles.
Gordon Scott
A lover of both traditional and contemporary folk music.
German band rooted in Irish and Scottish traditional music, with ambitions to create a new and unique sound.
Pickin Berries
A blend of transatlantic traditional music and strong songs performed by a group that really teams up.
the mcmontos
Their repertoire contains a mixture of rough drinking songs, sad ballads and jigs 'n reels.
Ralf Weihrauch
The accordion and his voice melt together to a powerful unity.
Italian folk rock
Daithi Rua
Comtemporary folk musician and writer.
Another product of an Irish pub in Germany.
Celtic band from Denmark.
Helen Flaherty
Traditional and contemporary singer.
Progressiv Celtic Folk
British folk songs with a German accent.
Julio Pereira
Multi-instrumentalist, Composer and Producer
Mark Mo
Acoustic instrumentals to feed some hungry souls.
Salty Finish
Celtic and European Folk
They are five driven musicians with one thing in common: "The Celtic Heartbeat".
American style, German accents.
Wonderful exponents of Breton music.
With sensitive ballads, fiery songs and vivacious Celtic melodies Rapalje electrifies their audience.
Banshee Celtic Band
6 musicians, a dozen instruments, loads of positive energy, plenty of fun, hours of good Celtic music.
Juhana Iivonen
A Finnish singer/songwriter, writing songs from highly personal aspect.
Belgian folk band.
German folk music.
Crann Ull
Crann Ull are a group born from a union between musicians each with individual experiences in traditional music, brought together by a strong passion for the sound and the melodies typical of areas with Celtic origin.
Spanish folk band that fuses many influences.
Paddy Murphy’s Wife
Belgian band drawing on many European influences.
The music is quiet but emotionally charged, and arrangements are built up around Emma's singing, which is the heart of the group's sound.
Nick Naffin
Nick Naffin really is 'the thinking man's guitar player.
Peter Kerlin
Songs and Tunes from Irish Roots
Autumns Child
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Felpeyu creates powerful music that springs from Asturian folcloric roots and from its members' inspiration, and takes it into stage making audiences stand up and dance to it.
Good old fashioned German folk music.
Te Fęte
Belgian band celebrating European Celtic music.
Finland's most successful contemporary folk music group.
Dobrze Trala
I think their new approach to Celtic music, combined with the Stefanie’s amazing vocals, make this Band a name to remember.
Lilly in the basement
Belgian folk rock.
Hans Theessink
Hans Theessink has become one of the most sought-after artists of the international blues scene.
Peut-ętre Demain
Young Belgian folk band.
Edo Donkers
A Dutch songwriter writes American influenced songs on a Greek Island.
Belgian folk music.
ar nanam
Celtic music from Italy.
Ukrainian folk music.
Part Of Speech
A band of young musicians from Russia. They address to their fundamentals — the folk songs and rituals to create the new modern music.
The European Irish folk group Stokes consisting of musicians from three European countries, they are the most successful Irish folk group performing in the German speaking nations of central Europe.
Slag ende Stoot
Medieval music from different European countries, from the 11th - 15th century. Also repertoire from the early renaissance. A lot of the melodies are influenced by music from the Middle-East, Ireland, Spain and the Balkans.
The LabGraal is one of the Celtic music groups that with great merit has acquired a lead role in the European musical scene.
Singer/songwriter from Oslo.
Britt Pernille Frřholm
Wonderful fiddle playing in the Norwegian tradition.
The Black Tartan Clan
The Black Tartan Clan is a new Celtic punk-rock band from Belgium.
Under their own names, Maarten Decombel and Rémi Decker play a happy no-nonsense folk, a music situated at the Belgian crossroads of European culture.
Edward Mikalski
Brilliant songwriter and not a bad singer either.
Sean Barry
Music from the Celtic world.
Lady Cora
There are things in my life you can call characteristic and that is the love for music / singing, to write poems and a great interest for history.
Celtic Connection
Celtic Folk brewed at the Bonnie Banks of the Ruhr
Gilles Guerif
Guitarist from Brittany.
Folk music from Portugal.
Tabla playing transposed to Sweden.
The Celtic tradition of Galicia.
My songs are rooted in the music of the singers and songwriters of the late 60th and the 70th like Kris Kristofferson, Jim Croce, Stephen Stills or James Taylor.
Miguel Afonso
Accordionist from the Canary Islands drawing on local traditions.
Folk music from Galicia.
Maybe it’s the intensity of her look, or maybe the undisputed care, passion and class in this project.
An BealL Bocht
German Celtic trio.
The Monotrol Kid
Inspired by my time spent in Dublin and New York, the songs came and reflect the passion I discovered in both cities.
Düzgün Celebi
Strong roots in the Turkish oriental music but being influenced by western traditional and contemporary music.
Faran Flad
Faran Flad is a band that likes to play traditional music and compositions made by band members.
FRŘHOLM/TILLUNG is one of the most successful folk music duos in Norway these days.
Marie Thea
> Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Mater Dea
Two musicians with a very different artistic background meet for a new project that has the purpose to revive their passion for the magic atmospheres of ancient music.
Greenrose Faire
Folk rock from Finland.
Polish folk music.
Ivan Karvaix
Bag pipe music from Auvergne
The Pilgrims
French folk rock.
Whoops n Daisy
Danish duo of singer/songwriters.
Wide Range
German Celtic folk band.
Synnřve Rognlien
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Tears For Beers
German Celtic folk rock band.
Folk music from Galicia.
Des Teufels Lockvögel
One of the gems of German folk rock.
The Danish/Swedish trio Habbadám plays music from the little picturesque island of Bornholm, situated in the Baltic Sea.
Ivan Karvaix
French pipes played in the Auvergne style.
Dance music from the Auvergne region
Lo Cňr de La Plana
Their feverish singing ranges all the repertoires, religious or unbridled, repetitive or occasional, all of which, very often, at the same time!
Kings of Polka
Polka playing with fun.
Kristian Bugge
Danish fiddler.
Tillerman's Cat,“ which plays almost exclusively the „good old“ songs of Cat Stevens as well as self-penned compositions.
Embracing magical ballads, giving them a fresh new voice and a revealing new destination.
A new and exciting group combining old traditional dance melodies with powerful horn arrangements and engaging rhythms.
Massimo Ferro
A tribute site for his old band but the music is good.
Thoby Loth
A relatively new progressive rock band with a Nordic sound along with medieval and oriental influences, Thoby Loth is bound to take your mind on a fantastic journey with their imaginative and intensive sounds.
Velha Gaiteira
Velha Gaiteira is a Portuguese traditional music project which has Beira Baixa (mountains area of the centre of Portugal) their main influence.
Wet Your Whistle
The band's repertoire includes Irish and Scottish songs, atmospheric ballads and sweeping tunes.

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