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Ken’s Folk Page FB – News Letter Well, we seem to have got off to a good start. At least one review copy of an album on its way and a couple of albums sold.

Some of you will not know that you are members of the group. The fact that it does not impinge on your page means that you can dip in and join in as often as you like.

I don’t know how often I’ll be doing these news letters or even if I’ll be able to include all the links but it’s a start.

We’ve had some good posts this week.

Heather Woodhead sent in a link to her You Tube page; lovely voice.

Heather Woodhead

Terry Ferdinand sent a video of Jack B Burness in a comical mood.

Jack B Burness

Phillip Hartley treated us to his song Moon Musings. This is sort of song that got me into folk in the 60’s.

Phillip Hartley

Phillip with another offering, very true.

Phillip Hartley

Mike Wilson embarrassed Red Shoes (Carolyn and Mark Evans) with ancient video. Just joking.

Red Shoes

Terry has been busy with second link – Frew Broth and the Proggy Mat.

Frew Broth

George Papavgeris gave us his latest song. Listen to the words.

George Papavgeris

The Fatea Showcase Sessions publishes a free download album every three months or so to promote new artists. This is the latest edition.

Fatea Showcase Sessions Fatea Showcase Sessions

Shelley Rainey sent this link to the Bailey Sisters of whom she is one.

Bailey Sisters

jiva (Jim and Val) - Folkie Lament - how true.

jiva (Jim and Val)

Lizzie Davies sent us two links involving Tiny Tin Lady with Fairport Convention. Can’t get better value at Tesco!

Tiny Tin Lady with Fairport Convention

Tiny Tin Lady with Fairport Convention

Siobhan Nelson linked to her ReverbNation site with hubby Chris. I enjoyed sampling their songs.

Siobhan Nelson

As always, something special from Wendy Arrowsmith with a little help from her friends.

Wendy Arrowsmith

Barry Hunt - I left it too long. Well it wasn’t too long before my feet were tapping.

Barry Hunt

And finally; for those who like Americana give Abigail Washburn a try.

Abigail Washburn

Her facebook page is:

Abigail Washburn

Good news for two members. Check out track 7 on Fairport’s latest album. It was written by Carolyn and Mark Evans of this group. I’m really chuffed for them.

Fairport Convention

For those who like the sound of bagpipes, and with my Scottish lineage I’m one, check out this page sent in by Fatea Showcases, the music player is half way down on the right.

Lorne MacDdougal

Group member Ian Clegg is in a band called Zulu Road. If you want to see them in action, check out the video link.

Zulu Road

Now I know Monni Aldous, she used to run my local folk club and still shows up occasionally. This is a collection of her more humorous songs.

Monni Aldous

Paul put up a link to Wendy Arrowsmith’s MySpace page. Wendy is a long time favourite of mine. Sadly, the only time we met, at Kirkby Fleetham Folk Club Wendy was organising things and not singing. I did hear Paul singing and playing his banjo though so not a wasted visit.

Wendy Arrowsmith

I threw in a couple of links.

Folque, a sort of Norwegian Steeleye Span.


Mary McPartlan, a lovely Irish singer.

Mary McPartlan

Bob Barrows brought this to our attention.

Norma Waterson, of the Watersons family singing group, has been severely ill since November. She has been in ICU these past two months. She has regained consciousness, but is still on a ventilator, getting blood transfusions, and unable to sit up for any length of time. She is understandably weak and discouraged, and could use cheering up. Cards would be a great help.

The latest reports show a great improvement but a few extra cards will help.


Warrington Hospital

Lovely Lane.


WA5 1 QG

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