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Dave Hughes
Punk-rock political songwriter
Heidi Talbot
Irish singer based in Scotland. A very traditional style.
Vivien Scotson
Folk /Acoustic singer songwriter.
The Paul McKenna Band
Folk / Acoustic / Folk Rock
Colin MacKenzie
Traditional instrumentalist.
Karine Polwart
Excellent singer/songwriter.
Folk / Acoustic / Lyrical
Beggars Row
Traditional folk band with modern sound.
Rachel Hair
Harpist in Celtic style.
Clarelynn Rose
Guitarist and other similar instruments in contemporary style/
Hom Bru
Traditional folk band.
Mary Kathleen Burke
Contemporary and traditional folk singer with something special.
Lori Watson
Singer, fiddler and fine interpreter of traditional songs.
Excellent trio fine musicians.
Doghouse Roses
Contemporary folk duo.
Emily Smith
Fine interpreter of traditional songs.
Farquhar Macdonald
Folk fiddler in the best Scottish tradition but with modern approach.
Jenn Butterworth
Singer of traditional and contemporary folk songs and one third of The Anna Massie Band
Steven Clark
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter with insightful lyrics.
Rachel Newton
Traditional singer and harpist.
Fraser Shaw
Highland pipes, border pipes and whistles played with spirit.
Lauren MacColl
Award winning fiddler.
Aidan O’Rourke
Fiddler and composer and one of today’s foremost Scottish musicians
Dave Gibb
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Dougie MacLean
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Corrina Hewat
Harpist and singer.
Andy Hamilton
Singer/songwriter of satirical comedy songs full of bawdy working class humour
Battlefield Band
Inspired by their rich heritage of Celtic music and fired by the strength of the modern Scottish cultural scene.
Fiddlers' Bid
Fiddlers Bid are internationally respected as leading exponents of their unique musical heritage and rich fiddle tradition.
Old Blind Dogs
Ground-breaking Scottish folk band
Traditional Scottish songs and tunes.
Albannach are not just another Scottish 'Pipes & Drums' band, indeed we bring a new and exciting form of music to your living room.
David McNee
A songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, he favours a contemporary approach but uses traditional instruments.
Tom Fairnie
I would describe myself as a contemporary singer songwriter and poet.
Finlay MacDonald Band
Brings together the tightest of Jazz,Funk grooves with blistering traditional and contemporary Tunes on pipes and fiddle.
Sarah-Jane Summers
Lush Highland fiddle music with a Nordic edge
Mainly Traditional Scottish Songs and Tunes with a few Irish and English for good measure.
HAGGERDASH are one of Scotland's favourite Folk Group playing a wide range of songs and tunes.
Traditional and contemporary folk band.
Mark Barnett
Folk /Acoustic singer songwriter.
Roddy Woomble
Fine interpreter of modern folk songs.
Fred Morrison
Piper and one of Celtic music’s most profoundly skilled and audaciously inventive exponents.
Tannahill Weavers
The Tannahill Weavers are one of Scotland's premier traditional bands.
Stalwarts of the Scottish folk and fusion "acid croft" scene.
Mick West
Mick West is regarded as one of Scotland's finest interpreters of traditional song.
Gaye Anthony
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Ciaran Dorris
Not only an acclaimed singer-songwriter, but also a fine interpreter of song.
The Beggar Girls
The Beggar Girls are a 4 piece band playing and singing traditional tunes and songs form Eastern Europe, France, England and lots of original material with an east european influence.
Davy Lees
One of my favourite traditional folk singers.
John Malcolm
Singer/Guitarist performing folk, blues and original material
Rab Thomson
Acoustic / Rock / Folk Rock
Kris Drever
Orcadian multi-instrumentalist & owner of one of the most ethereal & enigmatic voices to emerge from Scotland
Alexander Murray
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Eddi Reader
Renown singer and interpreter of Burns songs.
Billy Stewart
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter in a delthful traditional style.
Ian Robertson
Traditional folk singer that never fails to engage the audience.
Martin O'Neill
Probably best known as a BodhrŠn player, Martin has won All-Scotland, All-Britain and All-Ireland titles on BodhrŠn
One of the premier Scottish folk bands
Luce Women
Luce Women are an acoustic band who perform traditional Irish, Scottish and American music, folk, blues, Cajun, and whatever contemporary music takes their fancy.
Trochrague and soloist Anne Gomez, bring theatre audiences a rich mix of original music & song, alongside traditional & contemporary pieces.
Foot stomping, sing-along, rousing, emotional, heart pounding, a Scocha gig is packed with the feel-good factor.
The Mellowtrekker
Acoustic / Blues / Psychobilly
Sylvia Barnes
Sylvia’s pedigree in Traditional music is a long and distinguished one.
The acclaimed quartet Breabach are one of the most inventive and diverse bands to have emerged from the Scottish folk scene in recent years.
Fiona Mackenzie
Contemporary singer/songwriter.
Nick Keir
Intelligent Lyrics, Absorbing Melodies and Tuenful delivery
Contemporary folk band.
Jim Byrne
Acoustic amerciana,, blues, roots and contemporary folk music.
The Anna Massie Band
With a “friendly, engaging and highly musical stage presence,” this band is on the up.
The Trybe
Pipes and drums with attitude.
At the end of the day we are a rock band from the Highlands of Scotland that happen to use pipes, whistles and fiddles in our repertoire.
Ed Walker
Excellent guitarist.
The Chair
Their energy, sound, talent and interaction with the audience was second to none.
Ancient Gaelic laments, ballads, waulking songs even psalms and brings them up to date by fusing them with modern dance beats and synths.
Barbara Dickson
Folk singer who turned to pop and musical theatre but has now returned to her roots.
Scotias Hardy Sons
The classic Scottish songs are served up with outstanding accordion playing all tied together in a neat package with some hilarious banter.
Duncan Chisholm
Many fiddle players these days can play slow airs eloquently, and with a beautiful sound. Duncan has all of this, but also the rarer gift of being able to get right to the heart of a tune, and communicate the emotion behind it in what seems a totally natural way.
Gillian Frame
Scottish fiddler associated with various bands.
Liza Mulholland
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter with insightful lyrics.
Alan Frew
Guitarist, singer/songwriter.
They demonstrate a writing and performing versatility that's addictive.
Fiona Cuthill
Fiona is a fiddler from Glasgow who was classically trained and then discovered the world of folk music after leaving school.
The McCalmans
These guys are entertainers, mixing the serious, sentimental and scatological with wit and dry humour.
Ewan Robertson
BBC Radio Scotland Young Trad Musician 2008
The Poozies
From traditional Gaelic tunes, to self-composed masterpieces, quintessential English pop, and Southern country songs, the depth and range of styles that they encompass knows no boundaries.
Ross Ainslie & Jarlath Henderson
A mixture of Scottish and Irish piping traditions.
Iain Anderson
One of the most sought-after fiddling talents in Scotland.
Lise Sinclair
Singer, songwriter, composer, poet, steeped in the traditions and habits of harmony singing (Friūarey), crofting, fiddle music, child-bearing...
Rachel & Verona
We do a poems and songs mix that is, at times, entertaining and, now and again, fairly miserable. Highs and lows...that's what it's all about.
Rachel and Lillias
Their music draws on influences from the Highlands of Scotland to the Borders and beyond, incorporating both Gaelic and English songs with traditional and contemporary melodies.
The Helms
Folk Rock / Acoustic / Rock
Margaret Bennett
Margaret embodies all that is best of the spirit of Scotland.
Rags & Feathers
Full of lush, folky arrangements
MacGregor, Brechin & ” hEadhra
Bruce MacGregor , Sandy Brechin & Brian ” hEadhra blend some of the finest musicianship and singing to come out of Scotland in recent years.
Findlay Napier and the Bar Room Mountaineers
The result is a dynamic, colourful and vibrant collection of modern songs of everyday people and urban lives full of character, personality and effortless charm.
Bill Buchan
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
The Shee
Exciting all-female band, showcasing astonishing instrumental prowess with three powerful vocalists.
Jamie McClennan
He puts one in mind of the sort who'd at least contemplate selling his soul for fancy fiddle licks.
Jim McLean
His songwriting covers the whole genre from hard-hitting social comment to the tenderest of love songs. This, together with his ability to re-interpret and transform traditional songs to breathe new life into them.
Celtic Horizon
Celtic Horizon Celtic Band are Neil Nicholson and Bob Ferguson the two lead vocalists of Beggars Row international Celtic Folk Band from Scotland.
Jimmy Richards
Jimmy Richards is a folk pop singer-songwriter from Glasgow, now residing in Ayr.
Brian McNeill
An original member of The Battlefield Band
The Triple Scots
Highest quality songs in the Celtic, contemporary and also a slight contemporary Classical influence as well.
SeŠn and Robyn Gray
Brother and sister SeŠn and Robyn Gray, a young traditional music duo from Ayrshire have been involved in the folk and traditional music scene for over 10 years.
Clark and King
Jim King and Steven Clark have played in sessions alongside one another informally for years now. Now they have had the possibly inspired, possibly deranged, idea of forming a duo.
Maggie & Brian
Fiddle and guitar in perfect harmony.
Were one of the leading folk-rock bands of the seventies and have reformed due to the large amount of interest in their early albums. he JSD Band
Carol Laula
With "a style which bobs around somewhere between the sweet, clear delicacy of Joni Mitchell and the tougher edges of Joan Armatrading".
Mairi Campbell and Dave Francis
Their repertoire includes their own songs, interpretations of the songs of Robert Burns and contemporary writers, traditional songs from the British Isles, and the fiddle and dance music of Scotland and Cape Breton.
Ian Davison
Prolific and high quality writer in a wide variety of musical and lyric styles and subjects: from emotional and passionate love songs, to humorous and quirky Glaswegian folk songs.
Ian Hardie
Scottish fiddler drawing on many traditions.
Isobel Crowe
One of her major interests is in exploring the world of traditional Scottish folk and world music - along with forgotten culture...
A self written mix of acoustic folk (mandolin, cello, guitar) mixed with electric bass, electric piano and 'fuzz' guitar.
Jeana Leslie & Siobhan Miller
Jeana Leslie and Siobhan Miller are two very talented, shining new stars on the Scottish Music scene.
Our roots are in Ulster and Lochinver and we hail from Glasgow's Irish Diaspora and the rough and ready Scottish highlands.
The MacCollective
Lauren performs reguarly with her trio 'The MacCollective', an all-highland outfit who take old melodies and make them their own.
Isobel Crowe & Tim Edey
After a chance meeting at a memorial concert, Tim Edey and Isobel Crowe struck up a friendship that was to be the start of an unassuming musical adventure...
Billy McIsaac
A fantastic mix of instrumental and song in traditional and modern style.
Scott Thomson
I am influenced by a range of bands/artists from a variety of genres from Traditional Scottish to Rock.
Dick Gaughan
One of Scotland’s most enduring and talented singer/songwriters.

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